Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank you for the Mail Love

Even though I've been so busy I can't find time to sit and blog, I wanted to say a public THANK YOU to a couple of wonderful ladies who sent me mail love the past couple of weeks.

First is from Ms. Brenda Sue- who is always so generous and such a wonderfully fun lady!   She sent me a lovely package of YUMMY in delicious chocolate bronze and decadent rusty black rust from B'Sue Boutique.

Her findings have really gorgeous finishes that you will not find anywhere else and they are quality pieces.  If you make jewelry you MUST go shopping at her website.  Thank you Brenda Sue for this love! I want to sit and make stuff but I'm on hold until I move. So I put these in the box today and  will be dreaming about them until the day I can unpack and play with them!

And on Monday, my dear friend Vina Jane sent me a wonderful package too completely out of the blue. I have been thinking about her and setting aside a "pile" to send her too-we must have felt each other vibes!!! Anyway please excuse the messy photos, my worktable is a real NIGHTMARE right now!

She sent me a bunch of chain, sari ribbon, some gorgeous blue beads, a sweet propeller ring and a PINK crab pin. I LOVE HIM and he is already attached to my cardigan!!  Also tucked in there was a special necklace for me.

My very own Airship Pirate medal!!! Thank you Vina Jane!! XOXO I've got a package for you too and I will mail it tomorrow!
Thank you girls for the mail love!!!

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Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

B' sent you so many lovely pieces!
:o) The pink crap rhinestone pin IS cute!
:o) YAY!!! people are nice!