Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slowly but surely...

I've started to unpack my studio YAY. Unfortunately, it's in the basement and we are noticing a strong mold smell. I have mild allergies do its a worry for me. We're doing the DIY approach to clean it out but if that doesn't work, we will have to call in professionals.

I'm so excited to have all these built in drawers!!! Now I won't pine for an old library card cabinet any more. Putting away stuff takes almost as much time as packing it seems. I have so many things to do, I wish the elves would unpack and make everything pretty while I'm asleep.

Just look at all these pretties begging to be made into jewelry!!

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Beetique said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of pretties and I love the desk drawers!

susan said...

You are inspiring!!! I just found your blog, I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.
I hope it benefits all one who land up here.
Thanks for sharing!!

Shaiha said...

Built in storage is the best

Glad that you are getting settled in

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Hi Barbe!
I'm thinking of you and hoping that you are doing great!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hope all is going well with the unpacking!

We have a "workroom" in the new store and it was a little musty. We got a dehumidifier, which was pricey, but totally worth it. It actually travels between our bathroom at home and the "workroom" to help keep the moisture down. Also, there are a variety of hypoallergenic mold resistant paints that you could paint your walls and ceiling with to help. They also sell these buckets of waxy paste looking stuff that if you leave open, will help deodorize and eliminate mold in the room. A good scrub down with bleach is also good. And white vinegar for things that don't like bleach. And we have little bowls of baking soda as well to help.

Good luck! I had a studio space that had a mold problem and I found that I would create every excuse in the book not to go in it to work. So, it's important to create an environment that will be conducive to your creativity AND your health.

HeArt Collective said...

blessings on your new place and sending cleansing vibes your way miss fabulous!