Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AAAAAHHHHH CHOOO! Go away dang flu!

I couldn't resist this adorable photo of a sneezing bunny from I can Haz Cheezburger website to sum up how my last week has been.  I thought I would get through this winter without getting the flu. It was looking good, unlike the last 5 yrs I haven't had 2 flu episodes by Feb 15th and I thought I was going to be able to say "NO FLU in 2012! WOOHOOOO."  While i was lucky to not have one flu after the other, the flu bugs just couldn't let me off that easy.  I've been down since Friday night with a bad case of it.  I've been downing Emergen C,  Nyquil and sleeping a lot.  I think I am on the tale end of it, and while I have no energy at least I can sit up right today.  

Sadly, my laptop also decided to get sick at the same time. I'm not sure there is any way of saving it and that really really really sucks!!!! I love my iPad but I can't do a lot of 'work' that I need to do on it.   So I guess I need to really get my marketing and selling in full swing as soon as I have the energy to do it rather than by my goal schedule.  Such is life.   I had hoped to have my website graphics done and my blog template almost finished by now but the flu threw a monkey wrench into my productivity schedule.  I am determined to work on the website stuff tomorrow, hopped up on Theraflu and Dayquil.   

Luckily I can still veg out  and spend hours on Pinterest on my iPad. I can't seem to scroll through my boards to add pins, which is annoying but I'll deal for now. I love finding all kinds of inspiration, recipes, and fun stuff on there. It's really addictive!  I've just discovered a "follow me" button so  if you'd like to follow me over there just click below!
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