Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! It's my second favorite holiday, full of red, hearts and candy-what's not to love?  I adore vintage Valentines too and one of these days I'm going to make a lovely banner with them. The Vintage Valentine blog has some really adorable ones, so check it out here. I love the pure kitsch of this match one. 

 Every year I say I'm going to do Valentine's Jewelry and every year I remember that great idea around Feb 8th..  OOPS!!!  I guess the reason I never remember to do "love/heart themed" jewelry line is because  I make love themed, heart filled jewelry year round.   I want to get better about marketing specific jewelry to specific holidays this year, so I'm writing it here so I'll be accountable and do a better job with the rest of the years holidays.  Here are some heart and love themed pieces I have sitting here, yet to be made into jewelry .
Resin jewelry pendants by Barbe Saint John

These pieces are perfect for Valentine's Jewelry.  My favorite is this vintage wedding one-
Vintage resin heart pendant by Barbe Saint John
I am trying to find the PERFECT pink stones or crystals to create the chain with.  The letters are glittered in a gorgeous fuchsia pink and finding JUST the shade has been hard. 

English Rose pendant by Barbe Saint John
This pendant turned out a little more "Goth" than I would have liked.  I will have to add some strong chain elements and a large dangle to balance out the black on this. 

vintage rhinestone hearts
I absolutely adore these tiny vintage rhinestone heart settings! They are only about 1/2" tall and have deep red stones.  I wish I had them in larger sizes, but am thrilled to have them no matter how tiny. 

I use to collect vintage candy heart boxes, but after all the moves the last 14 yrs they are all gone.  Rob got me a heart box of candy today so I could decorate it up and start a new collection.  It's also filled with my favorite kind of candies-chocolate covered nuts YUM!  I would share with you all if I could!

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Alice said...

I love all the pieces you made, especially the vintage wedding heart! I don't do holiday stuff because I don't want it sitting around for a year if it doesn't sell.