Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heartfelt Mail Love

Felt Heart by Tracie Lampe
Embroidered Heart ©Tracie Lampe 2012

Woke up after a unrestful 12 1/2 hour sleep (HOW can a person sleep so long and wake up exhausted?) to find some mail love waiting for me.  Heartfelt felt heart to be exact!!! 

My good friend Tracie Lampe  better known as "The Queen of Trash"made these gorgeous embellished felt hearts from Tammy Gilley's  online class "Heart Strings" class available through STITCHED Workshops.  I saw Tracie's handiwork and was blown away!  Because she loves me, she sent me one in my signature red/aqua colors-THANK YOU TRACIE!!!!  You can see more of Tracie's recycled eco-fabulous goodies on her Etsy shop- Radical Recycks 

The STITCHED workshops are set up by Alma Stoller and for one price you get access to a bunch of workshops.  The website description says:  "STITCHED is a collection of 20 online video workshops by 20 talented fabric artists.By registering for STITCHED you have access to all the STITCHED workshops all at one time. You are able to pick and choose which ones you want to dive into first. The workshops are available to you any time you wish, until STITCHED closes on January 1st, 2013"   You can register here. 

It's a GREAT deal and the classes all look awesome.   Tracie also has a fabulous 
Bohemian Bag class workshop in this group of workshops that people will go nuts over. While I would love to sign up for the workshops, sadly it will have to wait.   I have to save all my pennies to buy a new laptop ASAP.  First things first-new computer then I can take workshops to make pretty things!  

I also got some supplies-these pretty Bird on a Branch bezels pendants. 

Brass Bird Bezel Pendants

I'm not sure what I am going to put in them yet because the bezel wall is pretty shallow. They looked deeper in the photos but I am sure I can still use them. I'm debating doing a large outdoor art fair this summer and want some $20 "impulse buy" necklaces so these will work for that.  

Hope you all get some mail love this week too!

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