Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Productivity-New Jewelry Listings

Antique Frozen Charlotte Necklace
A Star is Born Frozen Charlotte Necklace  ©2012 Barbe Saint John/Saints & Sinners 

I'm sad to say I am STILL sick...but I can't keep laying around when there's work that needs done. I bundled up and trundled down to my cold basement studio this afternoon. I had to do SOMETHING and not feel like I've slept away the month of February!

I decided to work on website graphics and I've finalized the look (YES!!!), but I made the banner the wrong size-curses! So I'll need to rework that this week and then get on to the blog template stuff. I want to relaunch March 1st, so I need to get my tail in high gear.

I also took jewelry photos today so I could post them to the Saints and Sinners Etsy shop.  I don't want to add anything more to my website until I re do it, so will be moving stuff over to the Saints and Sinners Etsy shop this week.  I listed the "A Star is Born" necklace pictured above, as well as two more affordable necklaces-

Paris at Dusk Necklace
Simple but pretty, click HERE to go directly to the listing. 


Taking Chances Necklace
This one is made with altered Industrial Chic charms, vintage chain and a hand made hook & eye clasp. Very 'arty' and unusual.  Click HERE to go to the listing.

I hope to feel somewhat better tomorrow so I can do more than  3 hours worth of work. Here's to a productive and healthy Monday!

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