Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blast from the Past Jewelry

It's been a couple of crazy rainy gray days. The kind of days that are perfect for just looking at pretty things to take your mind off the dreary weather.  Here are some Saints and Sinners "blasts from the past" .   First are a bevy of colorful faux bakelite bug brooches. I made over 150 these about 4 yrs ago and I occasionally see them being sold on ebay as 'vintage'.   I love all these bugs and think I want to make some more now. I will need to make a new mold, the old one died from use

Anne Bonney Jolly Roger Necklace
 Anne Bonney - Tribute to a Pirate Queen necklace.  Some people wouldn't want to wear a Jolly Roger, but the right woman saw it and made a beeline for it. 

Anne Bonney Jolly Roger Necklace
Steam Daddy necklace - Still one of my favorite pieces, and wish I still had it!  This was bought by a girl for her boyfriend because she had just found out she was expecting and this was they way to say "Steam Daddy your about to be a Daddy!  She sent me an email a week later telling me he loved it, not only for the look bt also because it was a memorial piece when he learned he was going to be a Father for the first time.   AWWW, what a touching email!!!

Junk Queen.  I wasn't sure anyone would want to wear a necklace proclaiming they were the queen of junk but two women fought over this at the tradeshow.  And to complicate it-they were friends. They finally agreed to split cost and share the necklace. A WIN/WIN for them both!

I do love creating pieces that create such emotional reactions in people.  While there are many pieces I want to keep, I also know they were meant for other people.  I know I'll create more things to keep and more to share with others!


Alice said...

What a fun blast from the past. It's wonderful to know your pieces hold a special meaning for these customers.

Georgie Galante Artmaker said...

I totally see how someone would love your "Pirate" necklace! It's fabulous.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks everyone! I love hearing from customers to let me know they'e added their own memory to the ones locked inside each tiny piece in their jewelry. Makes my day!