Wednesday, March 28, 2012

End of March Work Table Wednesday

I can't believe its the end of March already, but I am ready for the warmer spring weather!! I can't wait until I can throw open the windows and paint the walls!

Today's Work Table Wednesday is brought to you with the assistance of my faithful companion Seti.

He is especially excited for you to see the foldforming we've been experimenting with.

Believe it or not, he also loves to walk on the beading/construction table and play with all the chaos there too!

A corset pendant I cut, stamped and soldered, now am cleaning up. I thought it looked cute on this vintage frame.  I don't know if I should polish it up or add a lot of black patina.....

One of the lovely Fiskateers, gifted me two pair of Fiskars Multisnips. I have a 9 yr old pair that is still going strong!!!  Look out for a giveaway on a pair of these very soon!

Currently in my Artful Success program we are dealing with clearing clutter and organizing.  I have felt overwhelmed by it all, since I don't have the kind of storage I need for everything. We talk about it in the program and I know I have to just take it "one bite at a time".  So, rather than focus on the BIG pile, I'm making lists and taking it one thing at a time.   I'm going gathering up all the jewelry I made but never photographed to put on the website. I have stuff I made stuff for shows but never put online. I've also got a pile of stuff I will be doing makeovers one, but these are keepers as is. 

I'm also adding things to my Etsy Destash/Trunkshow/Supply shop.  I've got piles of things to photo and put up like this silver toned charm lot. 

Be sure to stop by Julee and Heather's blogs to see what they are working on today as well!

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