Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WhOOPS!! No Worktable Wednesday Post!

My bad!!! It was absolutely gorgeous here today-70 and lots of sun. Bettie & I spent a good part of the day building up our Vitamin D while basking in the sun. Needless to say, I was away from the computer all day and didn't get to do a Worktable Wednesday post.  I am sorry, but I promise next week I'll have a great post and have links to other artists who will have Worktable Wednesday posts too!!! Like Heather Bluhm who posted her fab Worktable Wednesday post HERE.  Check it out and see what fun she had today!

I also went over to Small Studio this afternoon and scheduled a few classes over the next 3 months-full details to come soon! Small Studio is a WONDERFUL mixed media store that recently opened up. There are a lot of wonderful workshops coming up this year with amazing teachers like Michael DeMeng,  Teesha Moore and Keith Lo Bue so check the website out. 

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Heather said...

Go You!!! :)