Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonderfully Warm and Productive Weekend!

Happy Sunday and Belated Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone!! It was such a GORGEOUS weekend here, I barely ventured down in the studio for more than an hour total this weekend!  In the low 70's and lots of MUCH needed sunshine!! The beautiful weather brought out EVERYONE to celebrate here, I even saw people walking their dogs with green tshirts on!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful  day or weekend of celebrating!

My first week of Artful Success is behind me, and I'm really pleased with it already.  I feel inspired and am looking forward to the next 11 weeks.  This isn't one of those "light" classes with a couple of handouts, no real direction and a forum that no one comments in. Artful Success  is definitely for the serious student, it's very hands on with lots of info, exercises and homework to get you to take action. I've already been motivated to unpack/sort/organize/cleanup a huge chunk of my studio, hung up some art and the biggest accomplishment- COMPLETELY CLEAN OFF a worktop so I can work!!!!  LOL  You art girls know what a rarity a clean, uncluttered work top is!!!  One down, three to go!!!  I'm looking forward to working on journaling and  seeing how much I can accomplish this week.   Even if you haven't signed up for the coaching class, you can still get a lot of tips and inspiration from the Artful Success Facebook page or subscribe to Tonya's Take Flight Ezine. 

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Heather said...

you're off to a good start. Keep it up!! xo