Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

I love seeing what other people have on their work table or in their workspace, so I think I'll start a weekly "Work Table Wednesday".  Maybe I'll even make it a weekly blog hop with some other crafty talented ladies!
Here's some photos of things on various work tops in my studio:

First up: antique pocket ledgers. The one thats hard to read is for Lehigh Stoves, the first entry is Feb 6, 1899. The blue is Marinello, the inside cover says "A beauty aid for every need!.  This is a blank address/phone book.

antique pocket ledgers

A page from the Lehigh Stove book-love the handwriting.

antique ledger handwriting

I challenged  myself to create a few things from just the stuff piled on the beading table. I created these two similar but different bracelets and a pendant.  Honestly, I have so much stuff on the table top alone I could probably fill an entire jewelry case at a store with creations. 

Copper Druzy Bracelets

These pretties are some things waiting to be made into something wonderful.
Mixed Media Jewelry Pieces

The "Saint" part of the Saints and Sinners work table!  Heavenly white Frozen Charlotte heads and a swallow in cast resin. 
White Jewelry Pieces

I'd love to see what you've got on your table too!! Please post a link to your blog with your worktable goodies!


mairedodd said...

saw this too late today - next week for sure! it is so true about having enough beginnings for loads of work... i have pendants started, links finished, wire darkened... and yet inevitably, i start something new...

Heather said...

I saw this Thursday, I am way behind on my Blogs but I think it would be fun to play along too since I now actually have a place to work!! Count me in for next week, but maybe remind me. LOL

Sherry said...

First I need to find my worktable underneath all the things I've been storing in my art space ... and this might be the kick start I need to clear that space. Today is my project could be clearing my worktable!!! I'll try and get organized for this!