Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Worktable Wednesday!

It's Work Table Wednesday Time!!! I'll be joined with linky love from Heather Simpson Bluhm and Julee Herrmann this week too!

I have a few worktables so a number of  piles of creative chaos. I've been more focused on putting stuff away, then creating this week but have some things to show.

First up on my paper crafting table is my pile of unfinished resin cabs and paper. I've finished sealing the paper this morning, now I just need to put down a layer of clear resin, then a layer of colored resin. 

The we move out to the "heat work table" as I call it.  This is a small part of a huge pile of things I need to solder.   I gathered them all up, finished foiling a few and I sat down to do it all on Sunday. 
 But I could not find any stained glass flux except gel. Gel flux is great for smooth surfaces, but not crinkly foil tape (trust me, I tried).  I was so disappointed because I was in the mood to solder on my nice clean work top! But sometimes the muse has to wait for proper supplies, so I ordered some and hope it comes soon so I can finish these all.

Aren't these beautiful! They are all from Nina Designs. 
I got them as part of Nina Designs Blog Partners Guest Designer program.  I will be working on creating something with all these beautiful bronze pretties today and post my final design tomorrow! 

Last but not least - On the "construction table"- a few resin pendants that need things.  The large one needs more resin because the table it wasn't level. I love this image, and may keep her for myself!

I am looking forward to getting to work and checking out what Julee and Heather put up later today too!


Sherry said...

I love seeing all your work in progress as you visit each station! Annoying though when you are ready to do something and haven't got the right supplies. Hope what you need arrives soon!

I'm copying the badge and will start using it next week!!

Heather said...

I just shot my laptop "desktop" as I am working on "work" this morning but plan to head out to the studio in a bit and share what i am working on there too.

I LOVE seeing your work in progress. It is so inspiring. Maybe I will get the courage to play with my resin soon, now that is it warming up. xo

CraftyHope said...

First, I really like what you've got going on on your work table. Cool stuff.

I was wondering though. . .since there's also "Bead Table Wednesday" would it be okay to link to both your Work Table Wednesday AND the Bead Table Wednesday at the same time. . .I'm just asking before I make a serious faux pas.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks ladies!
Sherry it is SOOOOO frustrating to be in work mode and realize you don't have that ONE essential ingredient!! I guess it's a lesson in patience AND organization (check supplies BEFORE starting a project!)

Heather- post whenever!!! I'll check later tonight and see what your working on!

Crafty Hope-Thanks so much. And -Yes, please link away I don't mind if you link with Bead Table Wednesday. I'd love to see MORE worktop blog hops!!!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

OOOH! I LOVE what you have on your, "construction table"! :)

Thank you for sharing what is on your work table AND about the gel not working for crinkled tape! That is good to know!
CHARM DAY IS COMING!!! I do hope that you will participate!!!! You can show off your wonderful charms and jewelry!!!
<3 Have fun creating!!! :)