Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Art Jewelry And A Bit About My Creative Process

Pride Goeth Before The Fall ©Barbe Saint John

Now that my wonderful DH has taken over the website makeover, I'm able to complete other things on my "to do" list.  I've been working on photos and adding new jewelry to the website. 

People often ask me about my creative process- how I create pieces and where I get my inspiration.  I create each jewelry piece as a story. Every piece, bead and color in the jewelry piece has a meaning, which is why I call my work "Narrative Art Jewelry".  As for the actual construction- Sometimes it takes an hour to put together, but other times they take years waiting for all the right parts.  I love when a customer asks about the meaning of a piece where I go into detail about the meanings I have hidden in the necklace.  While it may be a shiny pretty necklace to some, and they will enjoy it for the visual aesthetic, others ask about the details.  I can tell them that I used the silver color in Bonnie Doon to represent the cold feeling of losing a loved one and feeling alone in the world, the crystal drops represent tears cried, the edges on the rhinestone pieces are sharp reminders of the reality of death and the lovers eye to keep the loved ones memory close to your heart.  A piece will speak to a customer, and they often find additional symbols and personal meaning.   I love seeing customers reaction to various pieces, and how they speak to them. I think that is my favorite part of creating jewelry. 

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Lisa D. said...

They all are beautiful