Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Nose to the Grindstone

The past four days have been a blur!  The weather has gone back to normal cool spring weather, but all the violets in my yard have disappeared. I hope they come back in April when it warms up again.

This weekend we hung out with gal pals at the Burning River Roller Girls match, and  Monday it was yet ANOTHER trip to the dentist!!! UGH!!!

This module in my Artful Success program is about organizing and cleaning up the clutter in our files and office. I have been VERY lax about this over the years. Last week I started cleaning up my photo files, and cleaning out/deleting all my back up files.  I had 4 or 5 copies of the same photo sucking up space on my back up hard drive!!!  I think I cleaned out about 3G of memory on that alone!!  Today I went through my website admin section and deleted hundreds of old jewelry photos and listings. I had a bunch of jewelry listings on there from as old as 2009-YIKES!   It took a while because it can only delete ONE at a time, but I finished it.  I also moved a lot of  jewelry over to my Etsy store. 

Also, in the Artful Success program we have talked about how sometimes we do things we don't like or aren't good at when we should hand it over to someone else so we can focus on doing our genius work.  I had to laugh because that's me!!! I put off then attempt to work on things that make my eyes roll in the back of my head (quick books UGH!) when its really a better use of my time to pay someone to do it. It's less stressful and better time management to let someone who knows what they are doing, do those things we struggle with.  I really took that to heart!  So rather than trying to do the website myself, I've handed it over to someone MUCH more skilled than I. It frustrates me and I loathe doing it, so its taken much longer than it should.  Now, it will take less time and less frustration than what I can (and have!) been doing. Woohoo!!!

I want my new website to be fresh and have the newest stuff I make. So, I've decided to use the Etsy shop as a place for jewelry that is more affordable,  my one offs, and design samples.

I'll also be listing my artwork there rather than on the website, like this assemblage. It's "The Astronomer" from my Inhabitants Of The Leylines series I did a few yrs ago.   

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Heather said...

Yay girl! I am proud of you for getting thru the yucky work. I hate having to clean up files. barf..
see you tomorrow for WTW... :)