Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

As I was getting ready to post this weeks Work Table Wednesday, I realized that I spent most of my time over the past week going through stuff and taking photos. I didn't really MAKE anything this week-ACK!! I'll remedy that today as I work on a prototype for a project coming up.  
For now, this is what I've got on tables at the moment - 

Filigree Bead Caps
A pile of bead caps I want to try to torch enamel.  I have a huge learning curve when it comes to torch enameling. I can do gears and headpins really well, but anything else turns out black.  You'll see how these turn out in next weeks WTW post. 

Wee Bottle Pendants  
I still have a number of these sitting patiently on the work table, waiting to be finished.

Sterling Geode Ring 
This is was made and finished this week!!! One of those times I wish I had a tumbler. When I took silversmithing classes, we learned finishing the old fashioned way - by hand.  A tumbler does the work for you and is especially great when you can do 30 things at once.   

Culling the herd of jewelry supplies 

Lots of these piles waiting on the table to be get their mugshots taken. I'm getting rid of  a LOT of jewelry supplies I don't use or want.  I'm guilty of buying things when they are on sale, or just because I want ONE thing out of the lot, etc.... Even though I got rid of a lot before I moved from SF, it seems a good 40% of what I have here is stuff I'll never use. I'll be listing them in lots on my Etsy shop

Please be sure to stop and check out what's on the worktables of Julee,Heather and Sherry today too!


Sherry said...

good luck with the torch enamelling on those filigree caps...and I love that geode ring!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Sherry! I need the good luck LOL.

I love this ring too! Finding little geodes is hard. There is a gem and mineral show coming in May, I am hoping to find some great stones there!

Julee Herrmann said...

I'm DIGGIN' that geode ring... OMG... *NEED*
You are so talented with all of the different jewelry techniques you use.
Love it all and you!

Heather said...

The ring is FAB!! It makes me want to wear a big ring! Love it!!
Will be watching your Etsy for jewelry bits that we might use. Kiddo is loving making necklaces and earrings.