Monday, May 07, 2012

Beginning Metalsmithing: Easy Etching and Riveting

3 hour or 6 hour class

If you have been interested in doing more metal working in your jewelry creations, this is the class for you! You'll learn how to easily and SAFELY work with etching copper and brass. Then we'll take those pieces of etched metal along with your own found objects and rivet them into creative pendants, charms and earrings.  NO experienced required, this is a class for all levels!  Basic materials are supplied - sheet metal, assorted findings, etching chemical, patina's, spray lacquer, steel wool, cleanup supplies, gloves, and a share pile of assorted ephemera.  

Students supply list:

Small jewelry hammer (Pat Catan's has a small hammer for $8) OR a small ball peen jewelry hammer (like this at Rio Grande)
Rawhide or rubber mallet
Small bench block or anvil (small 2lb anvils available locally at Tandy Leather for $16)
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Set of small Jewelry files (available at hardware stores, ask for microfiles or needle files $4.00 at Lowes)
Eurotools Metal Hole Punch 1.8mm size (like this one)
Tin Snips or  Fiskars Multi Snips (like these)
Small Container of metallic scrapbook eyelets 1/8th inch size and setter.
Rubber Stamps-backgrounds, filigrees, writing, gears, etc...
STAZ-ON black ink pad (bring refill if you have it)
Duct tape
Black Sharpie (super fine and wide)
Assorted found objects with a hole or that can have a hole put in it such as gears, watch parts, metal tags, filigree, jewelry links, novelty eyelets, game spinners, photo corners, tokens, etc.... (LOTS of fun stuff available at Small Studio)

IF you have these, bring them along but please don't feel you need to go out and buy anything. Jewelry Pliers, Brass or copper shapes, assorted micro screws, Brass or Copper sheet metal (18g to 22g) Different lengths or sizes of eyelets, gilders paste, alcohol ink or Vintaj Patina, Dremel or hand drill with a couple of 1/8 inch drill bits for metal and a scrap block of wood to drill on. I will be bringing one along with an industrial sheet metal punch.
If you have vision issues like me, magnifying glasses or Optivisor are lifesavers.  Small Ott Lamp and extension cord.