Monday, May 21, 2012

Doing a little Housecleaning

I am working on cleaning house on my blog today. I love a clean space but not the cleaning part. I procrastinated but decided today was THE day to get busy.  I started with my background that was tiling funky and looked bad. It's now perfect!  Then I moved on to cleaning out a bunch of blog links.  Nothing personal but if you haven't posted on your blog in 6 months (in one hadn't had new posts in 2 yrs!) or don't have my blog linked back I have taken it off my list.  I really want to pump up both my blog links AND website links, so if you would like to trade some linky-love please email me

I also plan on fixing my class pages on here so they are easier for people to find/look at.  I have two FABULOUS Mixed Media Necklace classes coming up in June at Small Studio-Industrial Geek and Gypsy Caravan Treasures- that I need to put up as well as upcoming ones.   Time to stop procrastinating and get back to cleaning. 

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