Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The first May Work Table Wednesday!

Time for another Work Table Wednesday!!! I've been busy with computer stuff but I do have a few things to share today. 

First-I'm been lazy putting away class supplies from my Steam Punk Bobbypin & Charms Class last week at Small Studio. 
You can see all the fun we had in class over on the Small Studio Blog. I am glad someone took pics-I'm so busy teaching I forget to pull out the camera. I love teaching there and feel so very blessed to be able to do it! 

and speaking of- I spent the end of last week and Satuday creating a new class for the store -Gypsy Caravan Treasures.

It's a full day and we will make all the beads, links, fill and decorate the bottles and even construct the clasp. The students can make it as colorful or monochromatic as they wish.  I think this will be held in June, but will need to double check the date. 

I've also been busy this week working on a secret project that requires a LOT of photos.

hmmmmm what am I doing to this poor piece of metal??? 

Also in my "please play with me soon" pile.  
 This pile will be a  fun jewelry class at Small Studio soon!  I will be making the prototype and getting the info to Ginny as soon as I finish the secret project! 

I think all the other girls are busy with life right now and not posting this week. But come back next week and see what we are working on! Happy Hump Day!

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Sherry said...

Love that you are teaching...and taking such pleasure from it. I'm sure your students are very bit as pleased! See you next week! xo