Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gypsy Caravan Treasures Necklace

Gypsy Caravan Treasures Necklace 
Next class: June 30, 2012 10-5 $75 Small Studio Westlake, OH  

This necklace was inspired by the rich colors of a gypsy caravan as well as all the treasure they hold within. We'll have a full day of Boho jewelry making by crafting components for this lush necklace.  We'll create beads from colorful sari silk, fill treasure bottles and learn to work with wire to combine them all together including making the clasp. You can make this necklace colorful and gypsy like as shown, or chose to do a specific color scheme. It would look wonderful in off white with bottles filled with old pearls, beads and glitter.  Perhaps a seaside theme with tiny shells, sand and bits of drift wood? Or go industrial and fill your bottles with watch parts, screws and bits of metal scrap!  Bring what you LOVE in the colors you love and make something fabulous!!!

Please note:  Beginners welcome as well as experienced jewelry makers. I will bring bead making stuff, assorted seed beads, larger glass bottles, metal patina and the large gauge wire for the centerpiece.
  • Jewelry pliers - Round Nose and Flat Nose
  • Wire cutters
  • 18g solid (not plated) Brass or Bronze wire (you will need about 15 ft)
  • 26g (not plated) Brass or Bronze wire (you will need about 20 ft)
  • Set of Small Jewelry files (available at any hardware store, ask for Needle or Micro files about $5 at Lowes)
  • Steel bench block or small desktop horn anvil (please bring mat or towel to pound on) 2lb Mini Anvils are available locally at Tandy Leather for about $16
  • Small Jewelry Ball Peen hammer
  • Scissors
  • Gold colored Rub n' Buff or Gilders Paste
  • Small glass bottles (available at Small Studio)
  • Thick white glue (available at Small Studio)
  • Sari Ribbon (available at Small Studio)
  • Assorted beads (6mm and larger) for accenting your necklace
  • 8mm or 10mm gold colored jump rings
  • Rubber stamps or clay tools to add texture to your bottle tops
  • Treasures to fill bottles - things like herbs, colored sand, seeds, tiny beads, tiny shells, crushed eggshells, watch parts, gemstone chips, threads, feathers, shredded currency etc... email me if you have questions
Optional:  additional charms or decorative chain to add a personal touch to your necklace. I am bringing an iron for the ribbon, but if you have one and don't want to wait-you can bring a small travel iron and a towel to iron on. 
 If you are an absolute beginner and/or are low on supplies, please don't let that stop you from joining us. I always bring extra supplies and there is always a SHARE pile in my classes.   You are welcome to use my tools in-between demonstrations or you can share tools with a friend in class. If you have any questions about tools or supplies, please feel free to email me!

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