Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Peek At My Latest Spring Jewelry

 Thought I would share some more of the jewelry I finished and photographed this week. They are all one of a kind and can not be duplicated.  If you are interested in any of these pretty pieces, please email me before Monday.  I will be sending them off to a boutique across the country next week!

This one is called "Under the Sea"-a seahorse memento mori necklace. It's a pretty piece in sterling and assorted faceted quartz and agate beads.

Closeup of the pretty rope like sterling clasp and pendant.  This is a cast resin piece with a preserved tiny seahorse, tinier shells, greens and sand. 

"The Opalescent Owl" Treasure Keeper Necklace. 

This gorgeous necklace is made with vintage blue opal glass beads that GLOW, sterling wire, beads and chain.  The pendant is an altered antique sterling shaker with a small owl image.  You can unscrew this and tuck in a tiny love note, affirmation, sacred stones or a talisman.

The whimsical "Sing Because You Have A Song" is last but not least!  And it is listed on the website

This mixed metal beauty features antique brass chain with etched metal links and silver wire wrapped crystals.  The soldered antique chandelier crystal pendant protects vintage sheet music and bird image.  Accented with  sari silk ribbon and a pretty aqua crystal.   

Hope you enjoyed this spring eye candy!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Oh Barbe, what gorgeous designs! I especially love the last one... Sing because you have a song. What a beautiful sentiment, for such a beautiful piece!

Gaby Bee said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous and I feel privileged that you visited my Blog and left such a lovely comment. Thank you!

This necklace is divine!

Gaby xo

AML said...

These mixed metal beauty are such eye candy!cool combination of antique and wrapped crystal.Love the pendants!

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