Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strike a Pose - Photo Day

A couple monthss ago, I was asked to send in a bio and photo for a project.  I went through all my self portraits and they were all so... so.. well let's not mince words, they were all crappy!  All had been quickly shot in my crowded SF loft with overstuffed bookcases, cabinets or a huge stair rail behind me. Very busy, candid and completely unprofessional.  So I decided I needed something a lot better. I tried out some different shots then decided I needed help.  So, with Rob's help we took about 80 photos.  Not being someone who likes to have a photo taken, I nitpicked each and every one.  I think I would have driven a professional photographer right off the cliff.  Finally I settled on a few that were ok  (with a few tweaks). 

I took some with Bettie towards the end of our shooting, because she was tired of not being the center of attention for 30 mins LOL.  After all  portraits we took, I decided this photo with Bettie really is the best of the bunch. It's my best photo and I think shows some of my personality.  Everyone knows about Bettie and ask about her whenever I teach or go to a show.  She even has her own Facebook page

So after photos with Bettie, I thought I'd try with the cats too...

Seti was not in the mood for photos.  I love my face in this photo but Seti is a Tasmanian Devil.  When he doesn't want to be held, its like trying to hold a greased pig.  Mr. Boris wasn't any better but I did manage to get ONE where we weren't too blurry.  

Today I set out to take some photos for a juried show.  I quickly realized I didn't have ANY jewelry I thought was the right fit for this show.. CURSES!!!! But, I still haven't worked on my business cards so I shot some vignettes for that.  

I like the way the black and honey colors go together on this one, but I'm not sure it conveys a good representation of what I do...... All the photo's in this one are from the Civil War up to 1889, and I'm more 20th Century.

The jewelry is pretty on the one below, but I think it may be too girlie.  Also, I think the jewelry on this one doesn't look as labor intensive as the ones on the above photo do.

I think I need to take a few more then decide.  It's always so hard to style and take photos that can quickly convey your message to a buyer about your work.  Also. making them so they will work on business cards, as web headers or postcards is a challenge. I find now, I am always keeping an eye out for good props too.  

So that's my Sunday, hope you are all having a fabulous Holiday weekend!


Spirited Earth said...

i recently was "forced" to do a headshot photo..OMG..i should be in the took forever to get just a few that were at all decent..
i love the one of you with Seti..even though he is a's relaxed and spontaneous.
taking product photos is challanging as well..your work is lovely but maybe that background distracts from the jewelry.
some time back Sparrow salvage had a blog post on photography and backgrounds, that i thought was very interesting.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

LOL-isn't it funny how we artists seem so hesitant to have photo's taken?

I love Sparrow Salvage, and that was a great article. I will be bookmarking it and referencing it for a future blogpost! She has amazing finds, I wish I could find 1/4 what she does!

I agree-these photo backgrounds are a bit "busy". I'd never use these for jury photos or even my website. I think for business cards/postcards some photos need to POP a bit more. My goal is that they look like a candid shot of dressing table-pretty jewelry haphazardly strewn on pretty things. But I'm still trying to get the look right, it's is hard to convey that in an image that is only 2 1/2 by 3 1/4 inches. But that's part of the fun-stretching the creative boundaries!

Sherry said...

Oh hello beautiful!!! :)

Jean said...

Love everything about this post!

xoxox! jean

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