Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

I've actually been doing things!!! Surprise, huh?! Here's some things I've been working on this past week

Brought home my Steam Punk Bobby pin samples from Small Studio. I love my super quick/thrown together display I made so much I'm hanging it up as is. 

And speaking of Small Studio-I have been working on more classes.

This one is for kids-Easy bottle cap pendants.  NOT sure I like this, but kids need simple right? Please feel free to give me feedback on this. I have no small children around me now to test this out on.

Then there is this in what I think may become a series of  metalworking classes- Easy Etching and Riveting.

I am working on all those lovely little shrines from Retro Cafe Art. I feel bad they have been sitting here, patiently waiting for me to start work. 
I had wanted to do them within a week of getting them but life had other ideas for me.  However, it's on my "GET DONE" list and I WILL finish a number of them by the end of this week!! 

I've also applied to 2 big art shows in Ohio this past week. My fingers and toes are both crossed hoping I get into them.  In order to keep that positive energy flowing, I'm gathering up and creating inventory for both shows. 

I spoke before about inventory I made and never listed. I found another batch of things half done! Here are couple I added chain and clasps too so they are now ready to GO!

Time to get back to those little shrines and prep some kits for Saturday's "ICE Resin 101" class at Small Studio. Would love to see what you all are working on today! XO

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Heather said...

Hiya.. As you know, my daughter is 8 and she loves doing those bottle cap necklaces/ magnets so I am sure it will be a hit. We use Diamond Glaze in ours but you could use resin if you can readily assist the mixing and pouring..
also, Julee taught her to solder so you may even be able to do that with very small groups or lots of help. It really depends on the kids, Hannah has a good attention span and Julee was a great teacher but it'd be easily doable for 10-12 year olds I think.
If you have other ideas you want feedback on, Hannah will happily consult with you.
Sorry did not post my WTW... I am kind of in a funk this week and while I actually DID go work in the studio yesterday I don't think I am in and very good frame of mind to blog. xoxoxox