Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Destash Crazy!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. First my buddy Michael and his wife Andrea were in town teaching then the following week,  Kecia came to spend the night on her way home. She's been on a two month cross country tour; teaching, visiting and shopping- Fun Fun Fun!!!  So,  I've been busy creating a guest space so she could have a place to rest (can you say TINY room filled with clothes/shoes/purses and junque). I managed to make it cozy and clean-so now people have a room to sleep in.  As long as they don't mind sharing the twin bed with a cat or two LOL

I've also been busy going through my "stuff'" in my workroom and working on Etsy listings. I have so many things I am never going to use, and so many things I would LIKE to buy. So out with the old so I can bring in some new!!!  I've been working like crazy putting a bunch of jewelry making supplies in my Etsy Destash shop.   I have a ton of vintage 40's -60's beads, charms and supplies like this pretty dusky pinkish purple lot

Also this fun lot of vintage cabs, that look great wirewrapped or in a beaded bezel.  

Who doesn't love Cracker Jack Charms?  I use to use SOOOOO many of these making charm necklaces and bracelets WAY back when I was "Glamour Girls Vintage Reproduction Jewelry"!  Seems like so long ago!

I've also got some great "Bead Soup" lots up in color lots like this blue,green and metallic one.   

Each Bead Soup lot contains an assortment of vintage through modern beads and charms. Whenever I create these little piles than the bead hoarder in me feels a strong urge to keep them.  But, I must remain strong because they all need to move on to someone who will use them.  

And on that happy note-it's back to the worktable to sort some more!!! The more I sell, the closer I am to buying that kiln I've been longing for!!!


Robert Saint John said...

"As long as they don't mind sharing the twin bed with a cat or two..."

And a needy Chihuahua!

Sherry said...

lol @ Robert!! I think your guests are charmed to be with you -- where they sleep is 2nd in importance! xo

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