Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disappointments, Work and Acceptance

Charmers Necklaces- copyright 2012 Barbe Saint John

What a crazy couple of weeks-and not necessarily in a good way.  It's been "trying' to say the least.  
We've had intermittent breaks from the heat (but not the humidity!) over the past week so I've been trying to be as productive as possible.  In my haste to quickly get things done before its too hot to do anything-I've screwed up a LOT of things that will have to be done over.  Mercury in Retrograde is NOT helping with these minor challenges either. Certain things need to be done before the next step can happen, but I am lifeless and cranky in a hot/humid house.

I have a deadline over due, I had hoped to finish ON due date but the universe had other plans. A full week has passed since that date and I'm STILL working on it and not sure when I will be finished.  Some of the problems that have vexed me with this project include: I couldn't finish parts of it due to heat, then the computer died taking photos with it.  Retook photos, then accidentally deleted them off the camera! AGGGHH!!! Pulled my hair out, enlisted Rob to try and fix the problem and luckily he was able to find a solution.  So another 2 hours was wasted due to that alone.   I have put a good 50 hours into a project that  I should only spend about 8 doing.   I can show you just a sneek peek at it:

Pretty as it is, my ROI on this one is a deficit. I have accepted that and need to just keep focus until I finish it.  I could spend the weekend attempting to finish it but I won't.  I use to work 12 hours a day/7 days a week on 'work' stuff but that's not healthy. I have a set M-F schedule and don't work on weekends now.  It's HARD to stick to that when I have things I need to get done, HOWEVER-my family, friends and other parts of my life need attention too.  My goal now is to finish this and send it out BY WED so I can check it OFF the list and celebrate. 

Recently I had an unpleasant experience with a store owner having another artist copy items I made specifically for her. It's  the only type of that pendant she sold in her shop, so that was very strange. When confronted, she angrily told me I didn't "invent" that kind of pendant charm and she saw no reason she shouldn't carry them made by someone else.  She completely missed the point (perhaps intentionally) that it wasn't that I claimed to be the originator of altering objects, but mine were the ONLY ones she carried in her shop-until she got another artist she works with to make copies.  Store owners have to realize, not all artists are going to allow this kind of stuff to happen! I was so shocked to get that kind of treatment and reaction, but I am glad to be out of there.  There is no room in my life for negative, destructive people.  

While it sucks to have to deal with that, in the grand scheme of things it makes sense.  That last experience solidifies the fact I'm ready for change in my creative life.  I've been saying for a year now, I wanted to do something different jewelry businesswise.  I've been successful selling this kind of jewelry but creatively I'm bored with it.  I need a sabbatical to explore other avenues and focus on something different-which is my plan to happen by the end of summer.  

One of my biggest goals is still sitting there-I haven't made any progress in moving my studio either and that is weighing on me.  I really need some storage (been saying that since moving from SF!) before I can really start moving things.  Also, I want to purge rather than move things up there so I've also taken a ton of photo's.  I have a ton of destash supplies and jewelry that needs to be put online (Charmers necklaces pictured above). Some photos didn't turn out because I was too lazy to go back down stairs and get my tripod. (Lesson learned-ALWAYS use the tripod with the big camera).   

And since it's a cooler day, it's time to get off here and do things that need done-like housekeeping!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Laurel said...

That's too bad about the shop owner - some of 'em don't give a $*!t about anything but their bottom line.

But being able to explore new avenues of design sounds like fun! One of the cools things about so many people coming to my aid (you know who you are) is that my Etsy is so cleaned out that I finally feel that there's room for new ideas and creations!

Cory said...

Sorry about the store incident, but believe me you are not alone. A store in Fort Collins, CO screwed me out of more than $600.00 on some jewelry that she said she sold but never sent my money or returned the pieces. I will never do this again, I do better selling my pieces right off my body.