Sunday, August 05, 2012

Destashing and Decluttering, Mentally and Enviromentally

Clutter-we all have it and we all hang onto it.  Most people have no idea how much their clutter affects them, that is until they start cleaning it out.  No matter how much you love your "stuff", it's only when you start clearing it out that you will realize how much better you feel without it.

 And it can be hard to let go of that stuff, trust me I know!!! I have gone through and pared down so many times over the years.  As much as I have let go of over the past 3 yrs, I still hung onto the majority of my jewelry making supplies. It's my passion, my hobby and my career so I felt I had to keep hold of those things.  Things I have never and probably would never use but kept it JUST in case. Now that I own a house and have a real space to call my own I'm motivated to keep only things I love and use. I'm really surprised at how ready and easily I can let go of all those jewelry making supplies I don't want or need. Letting go of things I have no use for and cleaning out, makes room both physically and mentally for things I do WANT. Win/Win!  Being able to have less mess visually also makes me less stressed out about keeping things organized and tidy.  It also means less time & stress looking for things I've misplaced. 

As I go through beads, I think of the inspiration that prompted me to buy them in the first place- the vintage mother of pearl beads to be used on a religious necklace, the skull beads to make a friend some Muertos earrings and so on... Of course, there are more than a few things I have to laugh at wonder WHAT possessed me to buy them! 

I use to love to buy mixed lots-sometimes it was all great stuff, sometimes there was only a few things that spoke to me but I was never disappointed. As I gather up stuff to get rid of, I'm reminded of this and am making mixed lots. I'm adding lots of fun lots in my "Saints and Sinners Supply Shop" on Etsy.  Pulling lots together is very similiar to the way I create a piece too. I start with one element then bring in complimentary items until it "feels" right. 

I pulled out a bunch of beads that remind me of trick or treating for this Halloween lot
It started with the vintage rectangle Lucite plaques in orange and black. I added the BOO beads, the fun 3d Owls, orange fangs (or claws), white skull beads, etc.. Of course, when I pulled them all together I thought of a number of pieces to make with them! While I resisted the urge to keep them, it's wonderful to know my creative muse is still alive and active.

Another lot that I had the strong urge to keep but resisted is this Green and Gold Asian theme lot. 

This lot started with the lone Asian Face cab. I absolutely love him.  I have a lot of 10 of them up as well, but I found this single one after posting the lot.  I pulled other vintage asian charms like the faux jade and faux ivory, glass Buddhas and glass coins.  Adding new green pearls and glass beads I had sitting here for 2 yrs filled this out perfectly!

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Tanya Ozanne said...

Great destash..Great blog.Thank you Love and hugs Tanya

Beetique said...

Oh I've always got an eye out for things in your store. I love the last lot I bought from you. Been too busy working to do any jewelry making though.

A China Cupcake said...

I always admire your artwork and pendants .
I recently spent a month reorganizing my
studio . So I think it is a great idea to destash.
Pat Beglin