Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's Go to the Hop!!! The Industrial Chic Blog Hop

All Aboard!!! It's time for the second round of the Industrial Chic Blog Hop!Come along and see what we made with the latest and greatest items from the Industrial Chic line.

I got this group of lovelies in my box, along with a plunger of ICE Resin.  Please excuse this photo,my camera battery died so I used the scanner.

 I love love love the faux mica staple bezels but didn't use them in this project. I was drawn to the pink rhinestone hobnail charm and the WE pendant. I pulled those along with some other Industrial Chic chain I had, and crafted this pretty.

You can click on the image to see a larger photo.  I really like the way it turned out!

I cast a bird from ICE Resin and tinted it aqua. While that was curing, I decided I need a bit more in the long acrylic pendant. I carefully bent up the back of the bezel and inserted a bit of paper. Does it look familiar?? Its part of the Industrial Chic packaging!! It's too pretty to throw away!

 But then the WE letters were distracting. No worries-I used a bit of nail polish remover and carefully rubbed them off.   I took apart the rhinestone dangle and added the harmonica to the bottom of the pendant and tied a bit of the ribbon to it. I popped the bird out of the mold and he looked a little boring.  So, using s silver Sharpie marker (they are great!!!) and some hot pink Stickle glitter glue he got a little make over.

I bent the bezel back over and covered the back with a layer of resin.  When that cured, I attached the bird to the top with epoxy, and added some dots of the Stickles to the pendant and the harmonica to tie in the hot pink rhinestone.  Voila!!!

I hope you enjoyed this first stop on the Industrial Chic blog hop train!!!! Be sure to visit the other amazing artists participating in the hop!

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Sunday, Aug 26         Sandy Martin                       


michelle said...

Beautiful thanks for sharing your talent!

Tami Bayer said...

Fantastic, especially love that you altered the packaging to add to your piece.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks ladies!

Cindy Cima said...

I love this necklace! Love the colors!

Shaiha said...

Love the necklace! I have been wanting to try out resin and that was before I found out about the cool molds.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

look at those colors! LOve it!