Friday, August 31, 2012

Moving Your Studio Is Like Working On Christmas Day

I love my new studio space already-even though its not set up yet.  I love the light, the energy and the flow of it.  It just 'feels' right and I'm already excited to start working.

  My metal working corner-can't wait to start hammering!!!!

I have a ways to go before I can do that but I'm looking forward to when I can. I'm so happy to be able to have this space to move into. Sure there are things that need done (like having grounded electric outlets installed, painting, something on the floor, etc..) but it's a joy to be in as is. While the basement area is a perfectly fine space but wasn't a good fit for me. It was too dark and felt too secluded. It will make a great library and game room for Rob, He is also getting excited about how to set up an area of his own.

The other side of the room, where the desk, work tables and bead storage will go. 

What I don't love so much about this change is packing up stuff.   I don't like the lugging heavy boxes from the basement up to the attic even more. I still have a lot of 'stuff' to pack and bring up. And I haven't moved the heavy furniture such as the file cabinets and desk yet.  My back and knees are not looking forward to those tasks!!

But even with the heavy labor, it has been like Christmas day because I am finding all kinds of things I forgot I had. Vintage brass lipstick tubes there were going to be made into pendants, various tchotchkes, etc..

Vintage Shelf, Kewpie and Art Doll
Vintage Kewpie, antique doll teacups, vintage Sacred Heart and one of my beaded dollies on vintage wall cabinet.

Along with finding things I want , there is the flip side of finding lots of things I can get rid of.  For some reason, I had held onto 3 years of Rio Grande Tool Catalogs. WHY-I don't know LOL.   If you get those, you know they are huge and HEAVY. Wish I had found them all before I moved boxes upstairs but 2 came back down to the recycle box. I have a file drawer full of papers I've pulled out of magazines for collage...but I don't do collage anymore.  I will be going through those this weeking, weeding out 75% of it and making space for something else in that drawer.  I also have a LOT of magazines.

Why did I keep old issues of magazines that aren't in print now?? Some I want as reference, but I suppose there's a project or image in the others that made me hang onto them.  I'm going to be brutal this weekend and go through them all.

The best thing I found this week is this pretty stained glass pin up made by my friend Yola.

She is one of two gorgeous stained glass pin ups my friend made for me. The other is still down in the basement, waiting to be moved. This one was MIA since I moved from SF and I was afraid it had been lost. Luckily,it had just been packed away in Rob's stuff by mistake and was safe and sound.  I hung her up this afternoon. I think she looks happy to be back in the sun and spreading her awesomeness to my new studio.


kecia said...

your new studio is going to be great, Barbe! i can see it now. it's so much better than the basement. the lighting is brighter and it just seems happier! you were cracking me up about saving those rio grande catalogs!keep up the good work!

susanc said...

What a great space Barbe! It's looking good already! It's nice to have the natural light and a library/mancave sounds perfect for your basement! I agree with Kecia ~ it does seem like a happier space! Can't wait to see what you create. :) Have a great Labor Day Weekend and keep us posted on your progress!

Vanina said...

My aunt recently sent me her 4+ years collection of BeadWork magazines, and I instantly fell in love with the beaded doll! Love it! And yours seems amazing too. I would love to make one, maybe someday ;) xoxo