Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WOW Wednesday-Vintage Kitchen Love

Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book

Today's WOW post is about vintage kitchen love. I finally have a kitchen all my own to decorate in red and aqua..  I LOVE those cabinets in the photo above!  But mine was redecorated in the 60's to beige, rust and copper.  Now I LOVE copper but not in my kitchen. It has a gorgeous red cracked ice formica counter but the rest is just BLAH, and why did they leave the red counter??  There are beige swirled plastic tiles half way up the walls, then the paneling (yuck)above. And the paneling was painted dingy beige (double yuck!) The floor is cool "melted crayon" tiles but they are beige and rust.. sigh, NOT the kitchen of my dreams.  It all needs torn out and redone-saving the counter and putting in new cabinets, drywall and floor. . Until I can afford a complete remodel, I have to disguise and cover up as much as possible.  

Today's' inspirations are things I hope to incorporate into my own kitchen sooner than later. 
Pretties from Cornbread and Beans Quilting Co. blog. She has these in her vintage camper Shasta. It's so freaking cute I want one too!

Vintage Plastic Wall Organizer from PherdsFinds on Etsy

Vintage Pottery from the collection of C. Dianne Zweig. Her blog is AMAZING!

Red Utility Cart on Etsy, needs TLC. I had one in SF and gave it away-still kicking myself over that.

ADORABLE Kitchen Art Print by HANDZ on Etsy

Dream stove from Buckeye Appliance

An abundance of aqua pyrex.. swoon! 

Red Cracked Ice Fomica table set-perfect!

I could go on and on with this one. I haven't included dishes, utensils, teatowels, bowls, mixers, shelves, etc... ! If' you'd like to see more like this, have a look at my Pinterest board Red and Aqua Dream kitchen.


cmcartist said...

If your cabinets are metal you can take them down and have them profesionaly painted to the color of your choice!

Beetique said...

I have an aqua dining area.It has a huge new window in it we put in last year. We want to put wainscot around the bottom and kitchen tile.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

CMCArtist- our cabinets are wood, which is fine but the sink counter only has one drawer-the only drawer in the kitchen . And they are painted white which looks awful in the dingy beige room LOL. Our sink counter is too low for us tall folk, so I'll get it higher whenever we remodel. I plan on keeping the top, so the bottom will probably have to be custom. And-we hope to put in a dishwasher somewhere too!