Friday, September 07, 2012

Going Retro-Everything Old is New Again

It's no surprise because you all KNOW I'm already a Retro 40's/50's gal!!! But this time I'm talking about my iPhone- Everything old is new again.

Echo Logico Retro Handset - Soft Touch - Wired Headsets - Retail Packaging - Black (ELO - BLK - ST)Retro Handset

I'm a member of Amazon Vine which is their shoppers review group. A couple of months ago I got this retro handset for the iPhone to review. Oh my stars, how long has it been since I've used a handset with a cord?? I can't even remember!! I've had cordless phones for forever!!!  While I love modern technology I also like when it LOOKS vintage. I saw this and thought it was kinda quirky and fun.

I have to say I am really loving this handset!  I don't like ear bud headsets and most don't fit my little ear canals anyway. No one in Cleveland seems to use bluetooth headsets (go figure!)  Trying to cradle an iPhone on your shoulder so you can use both hands is a recipe for disaster since it's so small and thin.  This old school handset really makes long conversations SOOO much easier.  I am going to look up and see if there is a rotary dial app in iTunes as well. I received a black handset but am going to have to get a red one to match my phone case.

Now that I'm almost fully moved into the attic studio (13 more boxes of stuff to move and organizing to do) I'm also looking into an iPad dock.  I just found out I can watch not only Netflix but also nearly my full cable channels on the iPad=how cool is that!!! No need to pay for yet another cable box and installation!!!! The speaker system on these are so bad, its hard to hear anything without headphones. Currently I have it hooked up to work with some standalone computer speakers. It's a fine for now but I really want to be able to move the iPad and not be tethered by the cords and speakers.  While looking for a speaker, recharging dock I found this the other day-the V-Luxe iPad docking station.

SWOON!!!!!! This is THE ultimate iPad dock for the Retro 50's lover!!!!  It's modeled after a midcentury tv set like a Philco Predicta  (which has been on my wish list since I got rid of the broken one I had 16 yrs ago!)  After I picked my jaw up off the floor and wiped of some of the drool I did some research on it. This amazing product isn't available for sale YET, but I'm hoping it will be soon. Check out their Facebook page for more info.  I also hope it will be affordable or an affordable alternative will be offered. Say in formica and  solid colored plexi?  EDIT: I just got an email saying this is in production and is $1500. OUCH.  Sadly its WAY out of my price range. It's beautiful but I could buy a full
size retro TV for not much more. My search for a cool iPad dock continues!

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Beetique said...

That is so cool. I want an Ipad so bad and can't afford one of them either. lol