Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy (sorta) Birthday To Me

So yesterday was my birthday and it was rather blah.  I've never been one to make a big production out of it, although I love doing it for others. I got a ton of birthday wishes online which is so awesome.10 yrs ago who would have thunk that you could connect with so many people!.On the flip side, this technology has taken some of the personal touch out of special occasions.  People have stopped sending cards in lieu of sending a greeting online or a text message.  And I am guilty of this too, I buy cards but tend to forget about them then realize there's no time so just send an email or text.  I am going to be a lot better about it though from here on out.  I am going to buy a STACK of cards and have stamps in my drawer. I'm going to go through all these postcards I have and start sending them out just to say "Thinking of you". 

This year, it's who didn't bother to say anything let alone send a card or pick up the phone that really sticks out to me.  People I 'thought' were good friends and who I've known for years not a word..... I've been introspective the last couple of weeks so adding this into the mix didn't help my mood.  To top it off, my birthday dinner which is usually the highlight of my day was really bad, overpriced and bleh. 

I don't want to be a "Moopy Molly", but yesterday kinda sucked and it was boo hoo for me. As with every bad experience, I learned and will grow from it.   Today, I'm going to get myself the cake I didn't get yesterday, letting go of people and focusing on attracting a LOT more positive things into my life.  

Here's to a wonderful, positive, and abundance filled year!


Diana said...

That's all you can do - positive attracts positive, I always think. I'm sorry people you thought would come through for you didn't step up.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Well, poop I missed it! Not facebook user and used to keep track on LJ. Happy Birthday a bit late.

Jenny said...

You are allowed a do-over. Or at least a second scheduled day to re-celebrate. Treat yourself to something that you enjoy, great music, a museum, playing (not working) in the studio!

cw whitedogjewelry said...

'been there! I hope you'll treat yourself to whatever it is that makes you happy. You deserve it, with no afterthought or guilt.