Saturday, September 08, 2012

Here Here My Little Magpies-MORE Sparklies From My Collection

Pink Rhinestone Shakespeare Heart Locket
Look-shiny things!!!! I'm pulling stuff and putting it in lots of little bags. As I gathered them up,  they are now filling a file box so it's time to start listing them in the Etsy Supply Shop.
I had big plans for the little heart pendant shown above.  I envisioned it hanging from a necklace made of pink tourmalines, vintage brass bead caps and some pretty wire work.  That's never gonna happen so someone needs to make something gorgeous with it!
Check out this bright and colorful "Hello Kitty" lot.  Gorgeous pink plastic flower beads perfectly match the Kitty Bottle Cap charms!
Colorful Hello Kitty Themed beads lot
I also have a nice pile of vintage and antique religious items going up, including this lot.  The large pendant came from a rotting silk religious banner dated late 1800's.
I'd love to see what someone else creates with this lot. I love the carved rosary beads but would love to see them in a gorgeous art necklace even more.
And if you like birdies like I like birdies.......
Bird Charm lot
Then you'll love this bird themed lot. They'd all look great on a bright bird charm bracelet!

Lots of mixed media pendants are being added to the shop.  I went back and forth with this Art Deco one. I thought about keeping it to make myself something because I love the lotus on it.
Art Deco Pin Up Pendant
Time to get back to the grindstone and do more editing and listing!!


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