Thursday, September 27, 2012

RAK Thursday!

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At the beginning of September I decided to be more proactive in doing random acts of kindness. Some acts are for people I know and others are for people who I don't know.  I designated Thursdays as "RAK" days although I do extra stuff on other days too as spirit moves me.  I  guess technically doing them on a scheduled day isn't "random' but keeping to a schedule helps ME follow through :-)

I encourage everyone to "pay it forward". It doesn't need to take time or $$, just an intention to bring a little happiness to someone else.  It can be as small as letting the Mom with the fussy toddler go ahead of you in line.   If you are stuck about what you could do, check out the Random Acts of Kindness website. 

One thing I've been doing is sending out little packages of stuff and cards. Who doesn't like getting some unexpected mail love?? Usually it's something I think the recipient would like and just to let someone know I'm thinking of them and I care.  I sent a few packages overseas the past 3 weeks and was surprised that now the postal clerk types the custom form info into the computer while you stand there. I've never seen that before, as they usually just check a few things, stamp it and stick the label on the package.  I don't think making counter clerks do this is a good idea.  None of the clerks I had this month could 'type' so a transaction that use to take 5 mins now takes over 15.  It makes the waiting in line even longer-not good!   I'll still send international RAK's but I think now I'll do them all on one day rather than one every week. 

I hope I've inspired you to do the occasional RAK too. If you'd like to be on my RAK mailing list, email me your address!!


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That's a great thing to do!

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