Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tote that barge, lift that bale!

Attic Studio

I'd love to announce that my studio set up is complete but the toting, lifting, packing, carrying, sorting and organizing continues!!!! This area is more organized now-wooo hooo!!! I wish I could have painted the walls before moving in, but for now the stained plywood will suffice.

Seti loves being with me in the new space. He hangs out with me whenever I'm up here, and I love it. My old kitty Neph use to do the same thing.  Seti has moved in a bunch of  'his' furniture up here, he has his crate aka "studio apt", a cat bed, my desk and numerous tables and chairs to lounge on.

Seti Saint John

While my handsome studio assistant would like you to believe he has been  helping me carry things up two flights of stairs that is not the case.  I found out he often sneaks off and takes cat naps on the job.

Sleepy Seti
I can't be mad at him though, we are both loving the light up here! 

I'm about at the halfway point with the space.  A big part of me wants to work but  feel like I need to finish moving stuff and getting more organized before I do.  I want to make room for new energy to flow.   I've been lax on updating the Etsy supply shop but I have been filling up a file box full of jewelry making stuff to put on there. 

Vintage Keys

 It feels great letting go of all these things. I have lots of great stuff for other vintage redux jewelry artists to be creative with.  I also just emptied my container of steam punk supplies too into the box. Lots of gears and industrial bits for someone else to be creative with!!! Once I get started going through all the little drawers and containers it's hard to stop. I use to love to shop and collect, now I'm feeling the same thrill going through it all,  making little piles and bagging it up.  

I had started making inexpensive lots (less than $10) but now I am thinking of adding some more expensive ones.  It would take me 3 years to sort, pack and list a billion little lots-and I have no patience for that LOL.  I'm going to do some $20 and $25 lots to see how that goes as well. 

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