Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't throw that away!!! More Crafting with Crafty Chica Products!

A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about being selected to be a part of Kathy Cano-Murillo's "Crafty Chica Design Team" to promote her latest product release at Michaels Kathy selected a number of crafty bloggers to try out her products and create a fun DIY project with them.

 Kathy sent me one of her gorgeous Muertos iron on appliques to play with and I created a festive Dia De Los Muertos apron project with that Crafty Chica Iron On. . The images are made from a deep black flocked transfer. When you transfer the image to fabric, you are left with the sheet of plastic with some flocked image on it. I looked at it and decided it was too pretty to just throw away.  It is a well known fact that mixed media artists can't throw anything that has a HINT of usefulness to them!! I decided to create another bonus project with it.  Since it's Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos season, I came up with this Luminaria project.  It's a great way to decorate a porch or staircase!

Since my apron project used only what I had in my studio, I did the same with this project. This doesn't need anything other than the image, but I always believe that more is more.  The basic supplies you will need are:  a paper lunch sack, the plastic iron on transfer sheet,scissors, adhesive and some decorations.  I found a downloadable image of mini Papel Picado on and some yellow tissue paper to make flowers.  I have a bottle of tacky glue in the photo, but then decided that using my Xyron machine was a smarter/quicker option. 

First I trimmed the top of the bag, using a pair of scallop edge scissors. I think it made the bag prettier, you can use any decorative scissors you like or leave the bag as is.

Then I ran the iron on image through the Xyron machine.You can see how much flocking is still on this!! Be sure to put it through the machine flocked side up because the adhesive sticks to the underside. 

I trimmed the images then pulled off the Xyron backing.  Burnish the Iron On image well with your fingers. It is a thick plastic and may be a bit wrinkly.  I used a green Sharpie to create a cord between the papel picado panels. 

 To make the Marigold flowers I used the tissue paper I had but would have preferred orange. You can color these- I remember my mother and her friends making large versions of these in the early 70's. They would alter colors of the flowers by putting some food color and water in a spray bottle and spritzing the flowers gently. Well, I could not find any food color in my house (which I KNOW I have somewhere!), so I left these yellow.  I cut four "3 inch wide by about 10 1/2" long" pieces of paper with some small pinking shear scissors and stacked them on top of each other.

Fan fold the paper from the short edge and tie in the center with a piece of string. I use the long ends to hold the flower while opening them then trim when finished. They help to hold the flower while you are pulling up those folds of tissue. 

You will pull the tissue up on one half of the flower then do the other half.  Start with the top layer of tissue and pull it gently towards the center. It will be a bit tricky at times, so just work slowly.Then repeat with each layer until that side is done. Repeat with the other side and fluff up flower. Trim off string ends. 

When I finished my flower, it was more pretty carnation rather than marigold. So I altered it a bit by cutting 'petals' in the tissue. TIP:  Do this AFTER you have the flower fully opened. I tried to cut the tissue before pulling up the layers and ended up with a bald flower.(you will see the less then full flower on the right side of the bag)

Using my trusty glue gun, I added a dab of glue to each flower and then stuck them on the bottom of the bag. 

Fill the bag with a couple inches of sand or unscented/non clumping cat litter and a votive candle. Voila!!! Pretty enough to sit next to a pumpkin and look festive during the day as well as night.
Then in the dark- SPOOKY and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I hope this project inspires you to look at things with a different perspective. See the beauty and usefulness in things most people would just throw away. 

I really love these appliques and I want to thank Kathy for including me in this Design Team blog campaign!. 
If you'd like to get some of these awesome craft supplies to play with,  Click here to see if there is a Michaels store in your area that is carrying the Crafty Chica line.  If your store doesn't carry it, ask them too-that's what I did!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product(s) from as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, and was asked to share an original DIY project.


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