Friday, October 12, 2012

Dreaming of Boots

Seasons in Ohio are much different than I remember. The days went from overbearingly hot and humid to chilly in a matter of a couple weeks.  We have precious few 'nice' late summer/early fall days. I remember fall being a much longer season when I grew up here. Anyway, as the temperature drops my thoughts turn toward warm but fashionable (and wearable!) boots to keep my tootsie warm.  

Every year I keep hoping I'll find some modern reproduction of the vintage boot pictured above. These are my dream boots even though in reality the vintage ones are just overboots. They are the perfect height, right at the ankle so you can wear them with pants as well as a dress.   I love the chunky yet feminine heel with a tiny platform, and I especially love the fur trimmed lacing up the front.   Sadly I have yet to find a modern day version of them. Well, that's not exactly true, I have found a version but its more fashion than functional. 
photo courtesy Ralph Lauren 

If they had a MUCH smaller and more realistic heel made for every day winter functions like walking through snow and ice heel, I would buy them.  But with that tall skinny stilleto heel, walking anywhere with my bad knees would be impossible.   So close, yet so far away. 

These are close but a little too "hiking boot" to look really cute. 

If only the heel was just a BIT more "girlie" they'd be perfect.  A slight change to the heel is all it would take. But even if the sole were black like the boot, they'd be close enough for me. Sadly again so close yet so far away! 

These beauties by Bed of Roses are close but not quite what I want.
They are a bit more 20's in style with the shearling trimmed spat detail, but I'd still love them. There aren't any in my size, so my hunt continues!

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