Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coming up for Air

I know its been a while since I've blogged. I'm still around and a big thank you to ladies who emailed to check up on me.  Things have been a little 'challenging' to say the least the last couple of months. I'm still in destash mode but haven't had the energy to photo all the stuff I'm pulling out. Making a mess stresses me out LOL.  I have done a little updating to both the BSJ Art Jewelry and Saints and Sinners Destash shops, but I have much more I should be putting up.
I'm not feeling creative at all, but I did make myself try to make something. I sat down with some wire, pliers and visions of Calder and created some hair sticks. 
They aren't the greatest, but since I don't really do a lot of  wirework it was fun to push myself creatively.  I really liked creating them, and now want to make some that are better.  I would love to have/make a good wire jig for heavy wire so I could do some more ornate designs.  Also, I need some brush on sealer so they don't patina.  Why is it whenever you try something new you always need more supplies? LOL
I also did this little caged baby.  It is funky!
I don't think I like it, but it was fun to stretch myself creatively. It will go into a thrift store donation box, and hopefully find someone to love it.  Hopefully, I'll be more creative this month!


Beetique said...

i like the caged baby. lol

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Its always fun to try new things even if they don't add to inventory. Sometimes you just have to play! Stated to get worried since you have been so quiet. Sorry to hear life has been challenging.

Rinoplasti said...

Hi, thanks for the heads up on the plugin, I often find myself in the code and feeling frustrated by my lack of HTML knowledge. This should help things.

Michael Syaukas said...

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