Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's Obsession - Unique Handmade Luggage

While surfing the web to find a case for my new cellphone, I somehow came across this interesting suitcase.  I followed the link and found that this is the work of Sarah Williams aka Williams Handmade. I love when I find little treasures like this online!   Here is a photo of the case opened.
She handmakes these bags in one of a kind and very limited editions.  I can only imagine how gorgeous they are in person. I'm putting this on my vision board because they are so lovely!  Here are a few of my other favorites:
Odd shaped aqua suitcase. It really appeals to me though!
GORGEOUS trunk!!! This would make packing for a trip delightful!
Fabulous navy briefcase.  
It's wonderful to see an artist create luggage. It's a very unique niche. I love this artists work and thank her for the eyecandy!


Beetique said...

These are cool.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

You would need a private jet to carry the bags. There is no way baggage handlers would get their hands on these beauties!

Barbe Saint John said...

LOL Rob and I were talking about the same thing. NO WAY I'd let something this beautiful go through the torture system known as baggage system LOL. I have had too many normal suitcases ruined by that rough handling.