Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Retrolicious Crafts™ - Midcentury Modern Paper Houses

I had a grand idea this summer-to make a bunch of  'Putz" houses to decorate the mantel for Christmas.   I envisioned a village mid century modern style houses. I only managed to make one however LOL. It's not great but it was a good first try and I also know some things to do differently for the next one. 

  These are also known as "glitter houses". There are a TON of  pretty shabby chic style Victorian paper houses out there to buy if you don't want the DIY version. For our mantel I wanted little houses that screamed mid century modern.   I started collecting images of mid century modern style "Putz" Houses on Flickr and eBay like this lot of pretty houses. 

I had found the glitter house 'how to" site, so I figure I could easily alter it to a funky ranch house. In October I started saving tissue and cracker boxes. I went on the hunt for bottle brush trees. I couldn't find white trees so I got the green ones and bleached them.  They don't turn white but a lovely cream color. Great if you want a more vintage-y Victorian look but I was hoping for white.  As you can see, they didn't dye aqua or pink very well.   Anyway, as I was gathering up all my goodies one weekend my husband said "Did you see that Putz house tutorial on Retro Renovation?"

OMG -HOW COOL IS THIS!! Someone was reading my mind LOL. I quickly bookmarked the page and printed off a couple to craft.  The following week, they offered an A-Frame Paper house and now there is also another ranch house!  Three patterns to alter and create in your own way. 

While I may only have the lone A Frame in a see of hot pink and teal trees, it won't be alone for long.  I intend to continue to make a few others through the year so I have a mantle full Christmas 2013!  

Thank you Kate and Retro Renovation for making my paper house building a lot easier!

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