Monday, February 04, 2013

BRRRR, Baby it's cold outside!

photo via Touch of Retro
I'm finding it very hard to keep warm here, let alone try to look vintage while doing it.  When it's a high of 18 degrees F with the Real Feel of 8-wearing a vintage dress is OUT of the question!  Even with tights or leggings I am FREEZING!!!! And lets not talk about lack of cute but warm winter boots LOL

I lived in California for almost 20 yrs, all of my wardrobe is for temperate weather. Even the winter vintage coats I have are warm enough for this weather.  My leopard coat is the one coat that is warm but I've gained too much weight living here to wear it-GRRRR LOL. 

I really like this coat in the photo. I imagine while it would make anyone who isn't supermodel thin to look super thick, it would be warm with that faux fur lining.  If I am still living in Ohio next winter, I am going to line my fuchsia wool boucle coat with thinsulate or maybe a nice thin faux fur. That coat has enough room in it and I'll be warm and stylish.   However, I am hoping that one or both of use will get a great work opportunity and move back to the warm West Coast.

I am also lusting after these vintage sweaters. I wish I could find some modern retro ones with the same styling.  Everything l I seem to find are baggy or cabled. It's times like this I wish I were a knitter, I'd be busy year round making cute vintage sweaters. 

I'm so in love with the first sweater with the white stripes on the top and bow detail.  If I could find a nice quality cardigan that was long enough for my Amazon torso, I could modify it to look like the bottom right sweater. Finding sweaters long enough for my Amazon torso is also a challenge, so I don't have many. 

I'm not really a "jeans" type person, but am wearing some because they are slightly warmer than leggings and more attractive than sweatpants!  I have found that a number of companies are still makng vintage style flannel lined jeans. My goal now is to find some that come in TALL because a regular inseam of 30 or 32 isn't going to work.

I'm looking forward to Spring and warmer weather!


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

If you find those jeans in a tall, let me know!

Nancy Moore said...

Just an idea but why not contact a local knitting store - show them the sweater you love and ask if they know any knitter who would knit that beauty for you? I'll bet there are some knitters out there who would love to knit for you. Love your jewelry and as soon as you move back to California, post your classes and I'll be there.
Nancy Moore

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