Friday, February 01, 2013

Can't Wait for Me To Come Teach In Your Town? Now you don't have to!

Yup that's me- showing students examples of resin jewelry making!

I get a LOT of emails asking when I'll be coming to teach in a certain city or area or asking for help with a specific technique or product.  I would LOVE to be able to drive around the country with Rob and the animals in a vintage Glamper, teaching along the way.

At present time, that is not an option, but it IS on my bucket list so it WILL happen someday!

Until that day comes, I have thought of another option to teaching everyone who asks. I am going to offer private One on One Jewelry Creating Lessons online.  The majority of things I get asked about are:  Resin, Resin Clay, Torch Enameling, Mixed Media Jewelry Design, and Cold Connections so those areas are what I'll be offering expertise in-but I'm also open to customizing something just for you as well.  If you've been wanting to learn from me but aren't close to the places I'll be teaching this year, now you can do it at home in your PJs!!! 

I will be charging $60 per session and that includes preliminary email conversations about what you would like to learn, your current supplies,supplies you may need to get  and work space set up,  a supply list (if needed) with  a list of suppliers, a one hour Skype or Facetime session where we will work together on your project, follow up notes, questions and critique. 

Email me if you have any questions or would like to get started! I'm looking forward to working with you!


Garlic Festival Foods said...

Awesome idea Barbe. I hope you get lots of students!
Your blog is looking really cute. I don't think I have hopped over from Reader in awhile :)

Garlic Festival Foods said...

LOL< Its me, Heather :)

Barbe Saint John said...

I guessed it was you Heather!! aka Garlic Girl! hee hee!
Thanks so much, I hope I get lots of happy students too!!!!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I hope you get a lot of happy students too!

procurein said...

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