Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring Cleaning-Got Dolls?

                                                  Frozen Charlottes anyone?

Spring has FINALLY sprung in Northern Ohio.  The sun is out and the temps are above 50 degrees. That inevitable urge to do some "spring cleaning" is growing, both with my physical as well as emotional environments   They are intertwined, one effect's the other.  Working on a new brand and new line is going VERY slow.... I've been questioning WHY over the past month. What I want to create is something that I've always admired, worn, coveted, etc... WHY  am I so slow to come up with ideas, WHY can't I work faster?, etc.....Then I realized I am being held down by the 'weight' of all the stuff I've created but don't want to use anymore. Every time I package up an Etsy sale, I feel a tiny ounce of weight lifted from my soul.

I'm doing a clean sweep of all of my costume/found object and a ton of mixed media jewelry supplies. This includes all the jewelry on the BSJ Art Jewelry site as well.   I'm feeling the need for a clean slate to create a new line. Antique, grungy and rusty have no place in the bright colored midcentury modern world I want to surround myself with.

I am working hard at listing as much as I can,on Etsy as fast as I can.  It's a slow process-photo, upload, edit, list, upload, market, repeat 1000 times over.  At this moment, I  have 96 items up in the Saints and Sinners Mixed Media Supply shop.

I have everything from Bead Soup Inspiration lots, to vintage supplies to jewelry findings.  A few items more may go up today, and more photos will be taken tomorrow. Every few days new things will be added.

I'd really be grateful, if you guys could help me spread the word.  The more people I reach, the sooner I can release all this stuff to people who will treasure it. The more treasures that go out, the more I can focus on creating new art and business.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me over the years!.


indo nirman said...

Don't blame you on your choice; but you had a good run and can take this opportunity to move on to a new challenge.
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Beetique said...

I'll share on FB for you and look over your shop. I'm overwhelmed sometimes too.