Friday, May 24, 2013

Fabulous Friends Fridays-Today it's Zach!

Zach at Columbus Spring Flea 2013  photo ©2013 ZachBodish

I was thinking the other day about how I have some really, REALLY talented and overall STELLAR friends. I feel very blessed to know so many amazing people, scattered across the world.  I thought it would be fun to post about them so you can meet them too!

My first "Fabulous Friends Fridays" post showcases my friend Zach.  I've known him for a good 20+ years from my old Columbus days. He is a talented musician and as you may have guessed from the photo, he is a Mid Century Modern dealer. 
photo ©2013 Zach Bodish

 Look at all that gorgeous STUFF!!!  If he looks familiar, you may have seen him in the news last year. He was out thrifting one fine day and found a Picasso. Yes, a REAL Picasso! Can you say SCORE!!! 

 Currently, he is selling a various antique and modernist shows.  I keep trying to talk him into getting a storefront because I know he would do gangbusters. If you'd like to see more of all the great stuff he has, check out his Bopfish blog.  I think just about everything on the blog is for sale, so if you see something on there you want, shoot him an email. Alternatively, if you are looking for  something, you can also email him

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