Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frozen Charlotte Dolls looking for a home

Remember my post a couple months ago about destashing my Frozen Charlotte collection? Well, I found another lot of them in a box and have a whole village to find homes for!!!

I have 146 total, and I'd LOVE to sell them off in one lot wholesale.  Great for a store, vintage shop or vending at a mixed media retreat. If you are truly interested in buying the entire lot-email me.  I have gotten a number of inquiries from people wanting less and I did have a couple of 50 doll wholesale lots listed with no interest. I decided to re-list some retail lots of 10 dolls in the Saints and Sinners Destash Etsy shop.  Each lot is $42.00 which is a GREAT price as they are up to $9 each retail at antique and mixed media stores. 

 I also have single doll lots up  and those are priced $4.95 each.   If you only want/need a couple you can get them on that listing.  Dolls are great to use in assemblages, mosaics, jewelrymaking, shrines, etc....

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Barbe Saint John said...

Hi! I've been getting emails a number of emails asking about these dolls. These doll were all sold by Dec 2013. I do not have any others for sale. Sorry!