Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Need a Bezel?

Small Vintage Hallmark Store Goldtone Reusable Bezels
If you are looking for some bezels I have LOTS in my Saints and Sinners® Supply shop!  
The goldtone ones above are from the Hallmark store circa 70's. Originally made to put in a small school photo, it has a sticky dot and pin hole that lets you can change the photo out!

Antique Brass Oval Bezels for Clay Work
These pretty antiqued brass colored ones are great for epoxy or polymer clay work!

Ice Resin Square Stick Bezels for Resin work
A fun collection of square bezels, both open and closed backs. The open backs are yellow and white bronze!  Their organic shapes make them perfect for mixed media or tribal looking jewelry making!

Ice Resin Staple Bezels in White and Yellow Bronze
Funky staple bezels-add flat OR dimension objects in these!

Large Brass Bezels for Resin Pendants
Large and showy, these brass bezels are perfect for collage and resin work!

Last but not least, two matching Sterling Hobnail Bezels perfect fo necklace links or earrings. 

I also have other bezels lots up in the shop. as well as all kinds of fun mixed media supplies!

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