Friday, May 10, 2013

You Gotta to Know When To Hold 'Em And Know When To Fold 'Em

I've been talking about moving into a new jewelry direction for months.  Last August I posted, about closing the website and moving things over to Etsy while I worked on the "new" stuff.

While I loved what I had been making for years, my heart hasn't been into it the last year.  I needed a creativity break. I sort of knew where I wanted to go, but need time to refuel my inspiration, creativity and focus.  I didn't have a deadline because I just need a break from deadlines.   I did want a new/fresh start but needed to get rid of the old while trying to make space for the new. I spent the fall and winter listing Saints and Sinners® inventory. I spent time going through supplies, making piles and listing those. I spent time looking at art but not so much time in the actual MAKING of art.  

Here is is mid May, and I'm STILL feeling overwhelmed with amount of Saints and Sinners® jewelry and mixed media supplies I want to sell.  I feel the weight of all these object and have thought I need to move them along before I could fully commit to a new venture.   But frankly its taking way too long and I'm feeling depressed about it.  I got a sign on Monday that I needed to just pack it in and get started in the new journey.

The sign-Marie Forleo!!! As you all know I love love love Marie!  I encourage you all to subscribe to her posts! But I digress-I often feel like her blog posts come to me EXACTLY when I need a nudge, or kick in the pants. Monday's post was about knowing when to close your business and moving forward.   I watched it and knew instantly what I needed to do.  I need to put a definite end and closure to this business so I could go into my next ad/venture without the guilt of a partially finished business.  

So I set myself some goals and wrote out some to do lists the past few days. On June 19th, Saints and Sinners® will be laid to rest. I will only be adding the few Lucky Insect brooches as well as a few necklaces I already have photographed. My plan is to do that in the coming week. I have decided not to stress myself out trying to photograph all the remaining stuff and get it listed. I have a LOT of stuff, I could probably open a small shop with all this inventory!!! I'd LOVE to sell it wholesale to a brick and mortar shop/gallery/boutique (email me if you have or know of a shop).   

I'll leave all the current jewelry inventory in the Etsy Shop until they expire (or hopefully SELL) If there is anything you want, get it before it expires!  I am also VERY open to trading-especially sterling supplies, jewelry tools (especially a necklace mandrel!) mid century housewares and other specific things. Email me if  interested!  The Saints and Sinners® Destash Supply Shop will carry on, business as usual. I have literally a 40 gallon rubbermaid tote FULL of supplies to sell, so if mixed media jewelry making is your thing-I've got stuff for you!

On June 20th (Summer Solstice!) I'll be back with my new work, new look and new ad/venture!  I have to get my butt in high gear and knock off a CHUNK of things on my to do list for my new jewelry work. I will also be changing the Facebook page name, and the Etsy shop name. I am not sure about the blog.  I am thinking about making the move over to Wordpress for many reasons.  

I feel a lot better having a definite "closed" date in mind and can't wait to focus on the new!!  


Laurel said...

Onward and upward, right? Good on ya for making a very tough decision. I look forward to following the 'new you'.

Janet Bocciardi said...

I can feel your sense of lightness in the future. Best wishes on moving forward and your new work! I'm excited for you!

Juli's Jewels said...