Friday, June 07, 2013

Fabulous Friends Friday-Jenny Arnold!!!

photo ©2013 Jenny Arnold

Today I want to spotlight my dear friend Jenny Arnold!!!   Jenny is a self described coffee addict, weather nerd, animal lover, voracious reader and wanna be artist.  However I disagree with the "wanna be artist" bit, she  is wonderful painter. Look at this fish painting, its awesome!  
photo ©2013 Jenny Arnold
She is super creative and is now branching out into collage and art journaling too. She made this Frida Collage for me. LOVE IT!!!!!!
photo ©2013 Barbe Saint John

She is also a wordsmith and is an award winning Crime Reporter for the Spartanburg Herald Journal.  Here she is accepting her first place award. I am so proud of her!!!
photo ©2013 Jenny Arnold
Crime reporting can be a REALLY tough job. It's hard to write about the negative things going on in the world, but she also gets to do some happy news pieces.  Recently she got to hang out with a baby bear!

photo ©2013 Jenny Arnold

If you'd like to get to know her too, you can follow her on Twitter.  Jenny is a wonderful lady and a great friend. I'm so thankful she is part of my life and my friend! XOXO you Jenny!!!

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