Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vintage Crafting Ideas - DIY Bottle Brush Trees

photo copyright Just Something I Made/Cathe Holden

Who doesn't love bottle brush trees? Aren't these pretty! It's hard to find new ones in colors though. I really wanted some white, aqua and pink ones last year I could only find green ones. I looked online for a tutorial and bleached them.  They don't really turn white, more dark cream.  Pretty if you have a really shabby chic decor but I wanted something brighter and whiter.  I tried dying them and lets just say the yellow undertones made all my pinks look like Mercurochrome and the aqua more a green blue! Pretty but not quite what I wanted.

Also they were small. Pretty but I'd like to have something a bit bigger too. I just found another tutorial on how to make your own, ANY size you want!! The link is here on the "Just Something I Made" blog.  
I'm totally in love with this bunch of purple ones she made and added a 4H ribbon. I wish I still had my 4H ribbons to make one for myself!

While it's too late for me to make some for this year's decorating I'll be getting some rope and making them in 2014!

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