Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm official - Certified Spiritual Advisor

In April I started a two month long Advanced Mediumship class through LWISSD with Lisa Williams.  We had a three day intensive in June to learn more and be tested. It was held in Lily Dale, NY one of my favorite places to visit.
I won't lie - Even though I've been reading for 3 years, it was a tough three days.
I wanted to walk out a few times, but I pushed through all the Empathy overload, finished and passed the course. I am now a certified Spiritual Advisor through LWISSD for the five years. At that time, I will be required to retest and be recertified to make sure we are still at the standards Lisa has set. 

I am very proud to have this accomplishment. I have gotten more then a couple snide comments about how this is "worthless" and "you don't need to be certified to be good". True, there are many amazing uncertified Mediums in the world. This paper just means that one of them trained me and says she approves of my skills.  Like any other profession, certification means you went through training and became better at what you do.  So to all those naysayers out there, me getting certified and getting training is a good thing. Can you just be happy for me and not criticize or judge? 

Everyone in our class bonded, it was an amazingly supportive group. I also met a number of people who will be life long friends. I thank you all for sharing in this experience with me. And a huge thank you to Lisa, Karen and Amy for sharing your love, talent and Spirit with me.  

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