Saturday, March 25, 2017

Does anyone even read blogs anymore???

I wonder, do people still read blogs? I never seem to anymore, Facebook and Instagram makes it easier to catch up with everyone. But if anyone IS reading this, here are some pretty jewelry pieces for you to look at. All are in the Spectral Jewelry shop


Sandra said...

*raises hand* Though typically through a reader for ease of reading, because the font-type, font-size and background on many blogs makes it very hard for me to do otherwise due to my eyesight, which is why I don't comment all that often since it requires jumping through extra hoops.
But, yeah, I still check my reader daily or at least every other day if work keeps me too busy on some days.


Juli Geldmacher Nocita said...

I still read blogs, too.

Lori Anderson said...

I do. And I've tried to start writing more on mine lately. Microblogging on Facebook is great for immediate reaction, but it's just not the same.